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Tethered Test

The Drogon Quadcopter is a multi-rotor (4) flying robot controlled by an Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The project is a research platform for me to experiment with and develop flight-based robotic capabilities. While I look forward to flying it and capturing aerial stills and video, I am primarily attempting this project for the challenge of overcoming the complexities of flight and taking advantage of the freedoms it allows.

I will be posting my progress and as much information as possible on the project in hopes that someone will find this interesting and maybe even useful for their own projects. Even if you don't use the same hardware or software, my work may offer some interesting or useful information. The Drogon Quadcopter is a work in progress which I hope never to complete. As such, hardware and software components will change, hopefully becoming more advanced. At any given point if someone were to copy exactly what I was doing they are likely to not have a working system. However, it should get you very close to a working system if you were skilled and motivated enough.


All software is licensed under the GPLv3 and all creative work, including software, designs, and images, copyright © 2013 Joseph Monti. The software and associated information on the Drogon Quadcopter project is provided without warranty or expectation of functionality or usefulness. Flying robots are dangerous! The design I am using has no propeller guards, is controlled by marginally tested software, is big, heavy and has dangerously sharp and fast spinning propellers. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECREATE OR MIMIC THE DROGON QUADCOPTER OR USE ANY OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED ON IT WITHOUT THE NECESSARY SKILLS, EXPERIENCE, AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS!